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My goal is to make these episodes accessible to as many audiences as possible – as I work to transcribe each episode I will load them here. If you don’t see the one you’re looking for, please email me at hello@ididnotsignupforthis.com with the episode number or title!

Ep 154: Navigating Rebelle Rally – Liza and Jenna’s Story

EP 159: The Extraordinary Bond with Jake Schneider

Ep 160: Creating her own future – with Linda Steele

EP 162: Living with Schizencephaly: One Woman’s Journey to Embracing Disability

Ep 163: Single Mother by choice – a conversation with Dani Morin

Ep 164: Navigating Dual Grief – Dezarae’s Story

Ep 165: Orthorexia and the path to leaving the crunchy lifestyle – A conversation with Laura

Ep 166: Beyond the Picket Fence – A conversation with Chelsea Bea

Ep 167: Confronting Racism – A conversation with Kawal Mahendru

Ep 168: The Doula Scam – Seanna’s Story

Ep 170: Repressed memories, CPTSD, and healing – Ursula’s Story